B = f (P, E)
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B = f  (P, E)

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BehavioralSight is a boutique advisory applying insights and methodologies from the growing field of Behavioral Science (cognitive and social psychology, economics, neuroscience, and more) to everyday business problems.

Clients come from across industries, and project focus areas include optimizing decision making processes, developing and rigorously measuring behavior change solutions, and setting up internal behavioral science and experimentation units in businesses. Where applicable, academic advisers from psychology and economics are drawn upon for their additional expertise.

In the vein of psychologist Kurt Lewin, our team takes as a founding philosophy that all Behavior is a function of the Person and the Environment. Too often, we try to change our employees' or customers' knowledge, beliefs, and preferences to help improve a given behavior. Yet it can be far easier and lower cost to change the environment around those employees or customers -- our messaging and communications, our processes and interfaces, our financial and non-financial incentive structures, etc. The BehavioralSight team collaborates with clients to improve internal decision-making, employee and customer behaviors, and corporate cultures of continuous learning, with a focus on becoming responsible "architects" of their everyday corporate environments.