B = f (P, E)





8 Things To Do Before You Run A Business Experiment

Linnea Gandhi & Erik Johnson

Harvard Business Review, February 2019


Crushing on Statistics

Interview with Kurt, Tim and Linnea

Behavioral Grooves November 2018


What About Behavior?

Interview with Aaron, Adonis and Linnea

The Fool Truth September 2018


Taking Back Your Attention

Interview with Simone Salis and Linnea Gandhi

The Hoomanist September 2018


Understand Your Customers Better Through Behavioral Science

Interview with Nicole Abboud and Linnea Gandhi

Leaders Love Company June 2018


Testing, Testing: Not All Failures Are Created Equal

By Linnea Gandhi

People Science March 2018


How Businesses Can Apply Behavioral Science (audio)

Interview with Linnea Gandhi, by Erik Johnson and Zarak Kahn

Action Design Radio, March 2018


The Art & Science of Designing Our Decisions (video)

By Linnea Gandhi

The Ivy, Chicago, January 2018


Blending Science and Comedy to Fix The Fault in Employee Defaults

By Kelly Leonard and Linnea Gandhi

Second City Works, January 2017


Noise: How to Overcome the High, Hidden Cost of Inconsistent Decision Making

By Daniel Kahneman, Andrew Rosenfield, Linnea Gandhi, Tom Blaser

Harvard Business Review, October 2016


Managers Shouldn’t Fear Algorithm-Based Decision Making 

Interview with Linnea Gandhi and Tom Blaser, by Eben Harrell

Harvard Business Review, September 2016


Tales of choice architecture: The good (-intentioned), the bad, and the ugly

By Linnea Gandhi

Misbehaving Book Blog, May 2016


A sucker's born every day: A memoir of misbehaving in the world of timeshares (parts 1 & 2)

By Linnea Gandhi

Misbehaving Book Blog, November 2015 Part 1

Misbehaving Book Blog, November 2015 Part II