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We believe the theories and methods of behavioral science can help us think better, learn better, and do better.

Blending ivory tower research with real-world data, we uncover and test solutions that help you, your colleagues, and your customers reach better.

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We stay on the cutting edge by continuing to train, teach, and research at top behavioral science programs.

We also collaborate with eminent leaders in the field, including Richard Thaler and Daniel Kahneman across teaching, research, and client work.
In addition to helping our clients reach their better, we also commit to architecting our own corporate environment for better. We do this by investing in employee well-being, our community’s diversity and growth, and our environment’s sustainability.

We also donate a percentage of our proceeds to Give Well, a non-profit committed to giving to charities that have the most impact per dollar.

What our clients say about us

I highly recommend the team at BehavioralSight. They are an extremely intelligent, dedicated, passionate group that adds true value grounded in academic theory…They did an excellent job creating exercises to better our learning during the interviews, and adding strategic insight that really enhanced value and confidence in research.
Market Research Firm
The BehavioralSight team cut through the fluff and did an outstanding job bringing the science to life in an academic but also very practical way… For anyone looking to jumpstart internal dialogue at your organization or for anyone seeking to understand and design lasting change, I would highly recommend working with BehavioralSight as a partner – their approach and expertise is a powerful combination!
Global Consulting Firm
Professor Gandhi is incredibly energetic about her subject matter and she is a true expert in her field. She knows how to invigorate an audience and impart the most important messages. A true honour to have worked with her!
Finance Lead
Oil & Gas
Linnea did a phenomenal job of turning theory into action. She worked closely with us to understand our business objectives, then jumped in and joined our team. She combined deep knowledge of behavioral science with sincere curiosity about our business. She did a great job of managing our time together to ensure rapid progress and high quality deliverables. Her final writeup of findings and recommendations are still referenced frequently as our sales process continues to evolve. And she is great to work with -- fun, smart, respectful, bold, generous, creative.
Senior Vice President, Distribution Strategy
We hosted a 3-part series with BehavioralSight focusing on gender biases. The series provided new and important perspectives related to our day-to-day decision making in the organization. BehavioralSight helped us see that making small changes to our environment can help us make a big positive change for our people…If I had the chance, I would have BehavioralSight run a mandatory training for all associates.
Financial Services Company
We had a very large set of data that we needed to code, organize and interpret in order to make specific recommendations to the Board. What we appreciate the most was BehavioralSight's transparent and flexible approach, adapting to our specific circumstances and needs. Working with Linnea was an enormous learning experience for all of us, and we look forward to working with her and her team again.
Customer Insights Director
Publishing Firm
I worked with Linnea and the BehavioralSight team to develop and run a number of successful large scale nudge trials (>25,000 participants). The input received from Linnea was invaluable, shaping the approach to both experimental design and behaviourally informed techniques. I have recommended Linnea and the BehavioralSight team to colleagues since, and would not hesitate to do so again.
Senior Data Lead
Pharmaceutical Company
The BehavioralSight team provided unique insight and expertise on behavioral science that expanded our vision. They were quick and thorough in their responses and essentially became a part of the team. BehavioralSight jumped into a clinical project, and despite not necessarily specializing in this space, they learned quickly and provided senior stakeholders with key knowledge to make strategic decisions.
Dental Director
Healthcare Company
Linnea's strengths: she connects with her audience, she has high energy, she's enthusiastic, and she's great at recapping/summarizing concepts. Linnea's weaknesses: NONE.
University of Chicago Booth School of Business

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